Tradition and Exclusivity

The Estate

The estate’s terrain is varied in its composition, from agricultural land to steep valleys and narrow gorges. This orography allows hunters to observe the partridges and shoot from a large variety of angles.

Merely 50 kilometers from Madrid

The House

During your visit you will stay in a traditional rustic Spanish house on the estate. Our clients will enjoy the exclusive use of the spacious accommodation, which is comprised of ten bedrooms with their private bathrooms, a large common room area with a fireplace attached to the lovely dining room where everyone reunites after the shoot to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

The staff will attend to all your needs throughout your visit and accommodate any additional requests. All practical arrangements and necessary equipment will be provided from the moment you land until your departure. The entire organization will be in our hands allowing you to simply enjoy the overall Spanish hunting experience.

Hunting in Spain

Spain has an abundant hunting legacy which has been preserved for centuries, becoming part of its cultural heritage. One of the most representative and valued hunting varieties practiced in Lomas de Fuensauco is the red partridge hunt.

The romance that emerges from the so-called “Spanish experience”, made up of its excellent gastronomy and promising wines, reaches its peak with its partridge hunts, framed in a wonderful natural environment. A visit to Lomas de Fuensauco is guaranteed to be a unique hunting experience that will charm even the most seasoned hunter.

With the best team of professionals

Who we are

We are two close friends who joined this adventure after dedicating ourselves to the hunting industry since our early childhood.

The main features that would best describe ourselves are: a great respect for the values ​​of hunting, discretion, team work and meticulous qualities that guide our company.

We are accompanied by a great team of experienced professionals, who, with effort and dedication help us organize exceptional partridge hunts in Lomas de Fuensauco.

Eduardo Corsini

Eduardo Corsini

Ignacio Basa

Ignacio Basa

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